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Focussed on WhatsApp API

  • Easy to setup and use
  • Extensive native integrations
  • Improved customer experience
  • Better open rates and response rates
  • Reliable and robust

Why Whats App API for your business

  • for the sales team
  • for support teams
  • for marketing teams

WhatsApp API

PayRs Whats App API for your business

whatsbotAPI for the sales team

Use the WhatsApp Chat widget on your website to engage with new prospects. Reduce first response times and boost conversions with a much faster 2-way communication tool.

Send order updates & keep your customers informed about your timings, availability, and enable quick issue resolution with WhatsApp Chatbot and native integrations with your most popular tools.

whatsbot API for marketing teams

Engage & build relationships with your customers with personalized offers without getting into the trap of spam. Get never before open rates and response rates

whatsbot API for developers

Our WhatsApp API Gateway plan is the best for developers who only want whatsApp API access without any dashboard. Build your own solutions with whatsbot API Gateway.

Developer friendly API

Truly reliable & highly scalable solution for automating messengers

Easy to integrate, based on API for messengers docs will allow you to build a chatbot in a couple of hours or integration for 100,000 messages per day in PHP, JavaScript, 1C, Python, Java, C# or even VBA.

Whatsapp Chatbot

Engage your audience with WhatsApp messages to subscribers within 24 hours of receiving their message.

  • CRM & Integrations

    • Add Tags & Attributes
    • Shopify, WooCommerce & more (Separately Charged)
    • Import & Export Contacts
    • Zapier & Pabbly Integrations
    • Hubspot, Salesforce & more CRM Integrations

Pay Rupees Provide Best WhatsApp Bussiness API, Having many Auto Function & Feature, Our API Doc is Very easy for intigration.