PayOut API

PayRupees PayOut API

PayOut API made effortless

From making salary payouts to processing refunds, do everything you wanted for business & more, with PayRupees payout features

PayOut to Merchant on time

Motivate teams, appreciate efforts and pay your contract workforce with prepaid cards that deliver instant delight.  

  • Make fast and secure domestic or cross border payments.
  • Integrate with any work tool and set up triggers to send incentives to your sales team.
  • Keep your employee work expense in check with preloaded cards.
  • Send holiday gifts and celebrate employee milestones with prepaid cards that works like cash.
  • Pay bills, one time or recurring to any platforms, domestic or international without worrying about failed transactions

ApplyFor PayOut API

PayOut API

Simple, Reliable Payouts that Scale with your Business

Multi-Account Settlements

With Pay Rupees Payout API merchants can easily settle payments to multiple bank accounts.

Real-Time Updates

Merchant gets access to Real-time Transaction reports.

A Combination Of 3 Robust APIs

Pay Rupees Payout has 3 Inclusive APIs for Adding Beneficiary, Payout processing and Payout Enquiry.

Developer-Friendly APIs

Easy API Integration, gives merchants a complete payout solution for vendors, customers, and partners.

Multichannel Payment Options

Pay Rupees Payout API has options for Multichannel payment partners.

Multiple Payment Modes


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