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PayRupees Is the BestBest WhatsApp API Provider 

Meet the world’s largest WhatsApp Chatbot provider


Instantly connect with prospects & intuitively take them through the entire shopping journey from product discovery to purchase completion to phenomenal post-purchase support

Whats App Bussiness API

WhatsApp Bot API Aplication

Basic chatbot (static) Builder
Multi-Agent support dashboard & analytics
WhatsApp broadcast & message schedule

PayRupees Is the Best WhatsApp Bussiness API provider we have Wide range of api Services

WhatsApp API offers a variety of feature-rich solutions that enable businesses to sell their products on WhatsApp, better. The most sought-after solution is the PayRupees that allows businesses to assign many sales agents to use one telephone number linked to a business profile.

The Bot chat system goes much beyond the perfunctory workflow automated messages of ‘Hello’, ‘Busy’ or ‘Away’. Our chatbot gives a sophisticated user experience by providing a range of contextual, query-based responses. It responds to free text and is based on algorithms that understand Natural Language Processing. Also, BotSpace provides the capability to integrate with any CRM that you may have, so you have a seamless enterprise-wide selling or customer support system.

Able to integrate WhatsApp API with CRMs on request. So, when any customer messages on your number, all information collected on that customer is dynamically made available to the agent in the Shared WhatsApp Inbox

We offers a free trial of their software that allows businesses to use it, select a plan that suits them and explore whether the service suits them.
Apart from providing a shared inbox tool for customer support, PayRupees offers some pretty unique features. These include an on-the-go solution for customer service agents to provide support, on the go, from wherever they are.