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    Let’ go through the steps involved to use AEPS

  • Visit any micro ATM or any bank correspondent (BC) who are providing AEPS service.
  • Provide your Aadhaar card number
  • Select bank name
  • Choose the transaction type
  • Scan your finger on fingerprint scanner attached to the device
  • After successful authentication, your transaction will be completed
  • You will receive transaction slip on every transaction
AEPS Software Developer
Cash Withdrawal Icom

By using AEPS service you can withdrawal amount directly from any of your bank account by using Aadhaar card and finger print authentication.

Most of the population using AEPS service to withdrawal cash in rural areas. Today this is easiest way for cashless transaction via Aadhaar card which making it more favorable. You can withdrawal up to 10,000 per day via 5 transaction limit.

Cash Deposit Icom

You can hand over your cash to your nearest AEPS service provider and the cash will automatically get deposit in your bank account.

Select Cash deposit as transaction type and enter amount after selecting the bank. Your cash will automatically get deposit in bank.

Balance Enquiry Icom

Now you can check your account balance details by visiting your nearest BC (business correspondent).

To check balance enquiry, you need your Aadhaar card and bank name. You can check account balance details just in 3 steps by using AEPS service.

Mini Statement Icom

This is latest service launched by NPCI in which you can check your account mini statement details easily. You can export your last transactions details by using Aadhaar card through AEPS service.

Aadhaar Pay Icom

Aadhaar Pay services allow bank customers to withdrawal cash more then 10,000/- rupees in a day or we can say as hihjest withdrawal limit set by your bank. This is the most trending service today using for cash withdrawal in AEPS.

Micro ATM Icom

This is the last but not the least. By using micro ATM, a bank customer can withdrawal cash using debit card.

This is an electronic machine, integrated with biometric. You can swipe your debit card and can use fingerprint as authentication for transaction.

AEPS Payout Icom

Funds can be transferred from AEPS wallet to the respective bank account only. This feature is available only during the office hours.

This feature also provides AEPS real time settlement for retailers or any other AEPS service provider.These are all actions which you can perform through this Aadhaar enabled payment system (AEPS) service.